July 18, 2009

It Sure is HOT, Esther! Let's Go For a Dip...

Photo via Google Images

It's Summer, and the days are starting to really heat up here, in Southern California. So, taking a cue from some of my fellow bloggers who've also done water-themed posts, I thought that it might be fun to dive in the pool for a refreshing dip with Hollywood's bathing beauty of the 1940s and '50s, Esther Williams. Come on, put on your swim cap and let's jump in...

Photo via Google Images

So pretty in pink!
What'll the boys think?

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Wow, all of that time in the water
must've shrunk Esther!

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Strike a (pool) pose!

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Men, keep that in mind...

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Long before dolphin-safe tuna, it wasn't
uncommon for fishermen to find Esther
tangled in their nets. Why they were
fishing in swimming pools, is anybody's

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

"Vacation, all I ever wanted..."

Photo via Google Images

Even underwater, this lady looked good!

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Cool, relaxed and... shiny?

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

Far from singing her "swan song", Esther
poses with a fellow swimmer.

Photo courtesy of Luis Aquino

"Would you like a beverage? It's cool and
refreshing Lipton iced tea. You'll love the
brisk Lipton flavor! When I'm not
swimming, you'll always find me drinking
a delicious glass of Lipton iced tea!"

Photo via Google Images

Even Tom & Jerry made a splash with Esther!

Alright, out of the water! We've gotten enough sun for the day, and the bus is heading back to 2009. Grab your towels, and don't leave your inflatable toys in the pool!

Wave good-bye to Esther, everyone!

I hope you all had a fun time! Come back again, soon, and we'll take another trip somewhere... Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG!!

    I LOVE Ester! I used to dream I would grow up to be her when I was little. I'm going to link back to this post on my blog.

    Thanks so much for this amazing post.

    Best- THL

  2. You have such clever mind! I just love that the "bus was heading back to 2009" line. I love love love this post! But then I'm a vintage gal - and love all things vintage. How funny - my favorite female name in the whole world is Esther. I always wished I had been named Esther. Hollywood women of the that era looked real and classy! I am in love with that second to the last photo, the stripped swimsuit. I want it! And yes, I would wear it!:)

    Such a fun place to take a dip, your blog!


  3. it is ROASTING in so. cal! and i love these pictures! WELL DONE!

  4. Wow, I will only buy Esther-safe tuna from now on! I love the picture with the giant seahorse, as I'm sure you do.
    That was so nice of Esther to offer us a refreshing beverage of Lipton Iced Tea. :)

  5. I adored this woman. The shot of her water skiing I remember like it was a few days ago. Yes..I'm getting old D :

    I feel like grabbing my "thongs" (my kids hate when I use that old label) & my rubber swim cap with it's rubber flowers! Great blog & your never too old to worship toys.

  6. Townhouselady, you are too kind! I left an official "Thank you" for the backlink in your blog Comments section, so I won't repeat myself here... Wait, I think I just sorta did anyway! :b

    You can still pretend to be Esther, you know. All you need is a bathing suit, swim cap and an underwater movie camera. Oh, and lungs like oxygen tanks!

  7. Six, I can start calling you Esther, if it would make you happy! ;)

    I'm glad to hear that people like yourself, with such a great appreciation for all things vintage, enjoy what I try to do here at the Circus. Of course, it isn't always a blast-from-the-past around here. But it's nice to know that, when I DO feature something or someone from yesteryear, it'll be received by people with a fondness for it.

    If you ever find that striped swimsuit, you'll have to model it for the rest of us... while reciting Esther's Lipton iced tea ad, of course!

  8. I know, drollgirl, it has been so HOT that I just want to live in the pool! Tommy and I don't have air-conditioning in our home, so we have no choice but to "make do" with lots of fans around the place... :(

    Things could always be worse, though, right? We DO have a home to be miserable in, unlike soooo many that do not.

    Glad you liked the post!

  9. Tommy, I think that the waters are pretty much Esther-free, nowadays... So cautiously buying your tuna isn't really an issue anymore!

    I'll bet YOU'RE relieved.

  10. Thanks for coming to see the Circus, Dumbwit!
    I feel as though I've just insulted you, but that IS your name...

    It's funny how "thongs" have an entirely different meaning, now, huh?! I guess we're just supposed to call them "flip-flops", these days. :)

  11. I enjoyed that break with Esther, and I raise my glass of brisk Lipton tea! I read that Esther still swims every day...I hope that's true. I saw a purse made out of that distinctive, rubbery bathing cap material the other day..it felt great. Julie

  12. Hey, Julie!

    I wasn't sure if Esther was even still alive... How does one check on that sort of thing, anyway? Well, if it's true that she IS still alive, it's comforting to hear she's also still kicking around in the water! I'll bet that she's in great shape, too.

    Think she wears a thong-style bikini?

  13. I loved seeing all of these beautiful pictures. she's just gorgeous, isn't she? Wish I could go for a dip in a pool today!

  14. I got stuck here reading your old posts when I was just meaning to stop by :-)
    Darn addictive!

    Esther looks so refreshed, makes me want to go swimming, too! Which would probably be EXTREMELY refreshing here, since the lake water is something like -25 C...

    By the way, I don't know if you went to those Comic-cons then, but did you get a chance to see Elijah Wood from The Lord of the Rings?

    I wish you and Tommy merry Christmas! :-)
    May Santa bring you pleasant presents!

  15. Such a NICE comment/compliment, Finonymous! You are very kind. And it's ALWAYS real nice to hear that stuff you do is appreciated! :)

    Regarding Elijah, no, I did not get a chance to see him. Sure wish I could've, though (wink, wink)!

    I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas 2010, and that Santa brings you all that you deserve! ;)


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